CLSFCoffin-Lowry Syndrome Foundation
CLSFChio Lim Stone Forest (Singapore)
CLSFChrist, the Living Stone Fellowship
CLSFCommunity Legal Service Fund (UK)
CLSFConnectionless Service Functions
CLSFConstrained Least-Squares Frame
CLSFCOMSEC Logistics Support Facilities
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After the CLSF fixtures were equilibrated at the test temperature, the gap between the plates was adjusted based on the force measurement of small nominal gaps (< 0.
To obtain reliable data from the CLSF technique, several experimental parameters must be controlled [31].
10 is the biaxial viscosity data from CLSF in this study for Affinity PL 1880 with LCB of 0.
In this study, a novel technique known as CLSF was used to measure the biaxial viscosity of six commercial polymer melts with both branched and linear structures.
Criteria for "giving well" is somewhat of a philanthropic controversy, but our CLSF mission does show how donations for programs that integrate training and research can have significantly higher ROI than for designer-led projects that serve limited populations and do not use resources optimally.
Coincidentally, in the process of writing this column, I am also initiating a public program on social lighting in the context of the upcoming "International Year of Light 2015" to present the work undertaken by CLSF, SLM and PhoScope at Parsons' School of Constructed Environments next spring.