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CLSMConfocal Laser Scanning Microscope
CLSMControlled Low-Strength Material
CLSMConfocal Laser Scanning Fluorescence Microscopy
CLSMConical Log Spiral Mobile
CLSMCommittee of Lunacy and Surreal Madness (band)
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Several particles were pipetted out and scanned under Leica CLSM TCS SL using oil immersion objective (40 x magnification).
Collectively, operators onboard Essex and ashore at MCBH again demonstrated voice SATCOM using both the ship's SATCOM system -- the WSC-3 and OE-82 antenna -- as well as using the Marines' on-ship PRC-117F radio in the LFOC attached to the ship's CLSM EMUT antenna.
Qualitative study on the cellular uptake of FITC-conjugated [beta]-lg nanoparticles were carried out using a CLSM.
The CLSM images evidenced that both the extracts efficiently reduced the biofilm formation in all three tested strains of P.
CLSM can provide alternative route to determine contributions of various deformation modes to the elucidation of deformation and fracture behavior of semicrystalline polymers (10), (26-28).
In vivo CLSM detected features suggestive of the mite inside the cutaneous microvesicle.
Experiments were performed in triplicate or quadruplicate, and 30-50 cells were scanned by CLSM for each data point.
In this article, we illustrate the use of CLSM in obtaining images of a wood-coating interface high enough in resolution to reveal coating penetration into very fine cracks and openings in the walls of the outermost layer of the wood cells.
We found that the combined system, which we call confocal light sheet microscopy or CLSM, filtered the scattered photons that were emitted and recovered the normally lost image contrast in real time without the need for multiple acquisitions or any post-processing of the acquired data," Pavone says.
Procurement of a CLSM Confocal laser scanning microscope.
The lateral scan is done in the CCSM using a movable xy-table, in the CLSM by an internal optical scanner.