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CLTVCombined Loan To Value
CLTVChicagoLand Television
CLTVCustomer Life Time Value
CLTVCurrent Loan-to-Value (finance)
CLTVConstant Linear Time Velocity
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When home prices decline, borrowers with high CLTV ratios no longer can sell their homes or refinance to cure a delinquency.
Farber joined CLTV in 1995 and served various roles of increasing responsibility, including News Director and General Manager.
The market segment in which the default gap has narrowed the most is high CLTV mortgages.
The underlying Prime collateral pool backing the pledged certificate was analyzed for consideration at the 'A' rating category, as it had 1,223 current loans and a calculated mark-to-market CLTV of 105%.
CHICAGO, April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Tribune Broadcasting today announced that Marty Wilke, vice president and general manager of Chicago's WGN-TV will expand her duties and assume oversight responsibility for CLTV, Chicago's cable news station.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Tribune Broadcasting today announced that it will integrate the operations of its 24-hour cable news station, CLTV, with Chicago's #1 source for news, information and entertainment, WGN-TV.
CLTV is committed to bringing viewers local news as it happens," said Steve Farber, CLTV General Manager.
If you're in the Chicago area tune in to CLTV on May 6th at 10pm.
We've always been a forward-thinking, future-focused news organization, so our attention right now is on the next 15 years and how we can better serve our viewers and advertisers," said Steve Farber, general manager / CLTV.
On CLTV, the daily Chicago Tribune Business Sense Update works as a mini- newscast from the Tribune.
Also included is data on second-lien products: HELOCs and high CLTV (125%) second liens.
Warrack says that although there was still strong consumer demand for Hi-CLTV loans in 1999, investors were somewhat skeptical toward second-lien mortgage products with a CLTV ratio of greater than 100%.