CLUCCentral Labor Union Council (Minneapolis, MN)
CLUCCroatian Linux Users Convention
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REBEL LE NAMN E: Ray Cumm CLUC B: Blackrock AGE: 64 HONOURS: Two Cups, 1 Fitzgibbo Munster senior h titles, three Mun football titles, foIRELAND hurling t ALL-IRELAND senio title, 5 All-Star a REBEL LEGEND NAME: Ray Cummins CLUB: Blackrock AGE: 64 HONOURS: Two Sigerson Cups, 1 Fitzgibbon Cup, nine Munster senior hurling titles, three Munster senior football titles, four All-Ireland hurling titles, one All-Ireland senior football title, 5 All-Star awards
42 ACRES, Zoned Liberal Industrial (7701), approved by the County as CLUC Heavy Industrial.
Management is doing everything possible to expedite the re-listing of the company's stock and to provide a trading market for CLUC.