CLVICentre-Loire Véhicules Industriels (French industrial vehicle company)
CLVICertified Legal Video Instructor (American Guild of Court Videographers)
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Sample Type Family Species Code Vegetation BOM Benthic organic BOM matter Cymodoceaceae Halodule wrightii HABE Poaceae Spartina SPAL alterniflora POM Particulate POM organic matter Ulvaceae Ulva lactuca ULLA Invertebrate Alpheidae Alpheus APHE heterochaelis Diogenidae Clibanarius CLVI vittatus Hippolytidae Tozeuma TOCA carolinense Menippidae Menippe adina MEAD Ostreidae Crassostrea CRV1 virginica Palaemonidae Palaemonetes PAVU vulgaris Porcellanidae Porcellanidae POSP spp.
Angle and offset inline constructions are acceptable for clean in place/steam in place operations, and meet ASME-BPE, 3A, FDA and USP CLVI standards.