CLWACastaic Lake Water Agency (Santa Clarita, CA)
CLWAChildren living with AIDS (Lancaster, OH)
CLWACanandaigua Lake Watershed Alliance (Canandaigua, NY)
CLWAChip-Level Weibull Analysis
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The relevance to us is, if there's additional contamination from the Whittaker-Bermite site, it enhances our ability to pursue action and obtain financial remuneration, much in the same way we did on the perchlorate litigation," said Dan Masnada, general manager of the CLWA.
Overall, 28% and 42% of CLWA on CTX and placebo, respectively, died.
The majority of capital costs are expected to be funded from proceeds of a previous issuance, although CLWA may issue around $60 million-$70 million in the fiscal 2012 timeframe to supplement available funding.
Before signing off in October on the deal with two storage districts in Kern County, the CLWA revised its environmental assessment for the water acquisition to address questions from environmentalists.
Located predominantly in Los Angeles County approximately 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, the CLWA provides wholesale water service to a population of approximately 250,000 persons through four retail agencies.
The final Grant Agreement between CLWA and DWR has not yet been issued so scheduled dates will shift accordingly with date of final Grant Agreement anticipated in spring 2015.
Plaintiffs' attorney Babak Naficy said the CLWA transfer from Kern County, which makes up nearly half of the agency's annual supply, should not be counted.
The plaintiffs also alleged the state Department of Water Resources, instead of CLWA, should oversee the project; that water quality at Semitropic's facility is suspect due to contamination by the rocket fuel ingredient perchlorate; and that it violated the public trust because it would spur urban growth and impact biological resources and traffic.
Based on existing water system infrastructure and water service boundaries, the MOU between CLWA and NCWD allows both agencies to more efficiently provide water services through redistribution of water service areas,'' the report said.
The boards of the CLWA, the region's water wholesaler, and the Newhall district met jointly Wednesday night for votes on the Santa Clarita Valley 2005 Urban Water Management Plan, a document at the crux of a debate on whether there is enough water for expected growth.
Prior to joining the Newhall board, Joan Dunn took part in a 1999 lawsuit against the CLWA, which sought to purchase water retailer Santa Clarita Water Co.
CLWA oversees deliveries from the State Water Project, which accounts for about half of the region's supply.