CLYCCarlingford Lough Yacht Club (UK)
CLYCChagrin Lagoons Yacht Club (Eastlake, OH)
CLYCCrystal Lake Yacht Club (Michigan)
CLYCChautauqua Lake Yacht Club (Lakewood, NY)
CLYCCity Livery Yacht Club (New Zealand)
CLYCCongregating of Lutheran Youth Counselors (est. 1990)
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Not only can CLYC be used to identify gamma and neutron radiation, "we actually doubled the detection efficiency for neutrons for the same volume of Helium 3," said Jim Monde, the company's director of homeland security and defense.
We are excited about the prospects of our CLYC dual mode scintillator crystals for homeland security applications as well as other large market opportunities," Sulick said.
Dynasil previously announced plans to scale up production of its dual mode (combined gamma-neutron) nuclear radiation detectors which are based on the CLYC scintillator material technology being recognized by the DHS award.