CLZCraft Landing Zone (US DoD)
CLZCushion Landing Zone (US DoD)
CLZCount Leading Zero (hardware design)
CLZCalabozo Airport (Venezula)
CLZChailey Learning Zone (UK)
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Depending on the circumstances, doctors sometimes prescribe CLZ alongt with CLNAZ.
A retrospective survey of serum CLZ and N-CLZ concentrations of in patients with schizophrenia was conducted at Shanghai Mental Health Centre, Shanghai, China from December 2007 to December 2010.
We analyzed patients' CLZ dosage, serum CLZ and N-CLZ concentrations and CLNAZ co-medication.
The inpatients who had been taking CLZ for at least two weeks had serum extracted from the cubital vein 5ml from 6-7 pm (11-12 hours after the last medication).
CLZ, N-CLZ and diazepam (internal standard) were purchased from Sigma Company.
6% were taking CLZ (n=94:M70 and F24; mean (sd) age:42.
The CLZ group comprised more subjects with schizophrenia than the Other AP group (p = 0.
The CLZ group consisted of 132 patients, 104 (79%) of which were on monotherapy with CLZ.
The CLZ group consisted of 21 patients and the non-CLZ included 18 subjects.
Three patients in the CLZ group (14 %) were also treated with other APs: 2 were taking aripiprazole and 1 received levomepromazine.
This was a 30 year-old- man with schizophrenia who was receiving CLZ 200 mg/day without titration as a single treatment for a severe psychotic episode.
The first three weeks after starting CLZ treatment appear to be the period of highest risk for myocarditis (6), and such a risk seems to be proportional to the CLZ dose and to the simultaneous use of drugs, such as valproate (10).