CM5Championship Manager 5 (video game)
CM5Connection Machine 5
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Figure 3 shows the graphite peak region of the XRD spectra for the PP/ARG series of varying filler loadings, processed via the CM5 method.
The points of QRS onset, the minimum dV/dt of the QRS and the maximum dV/dt in the T wave on ECG were determined automatically by our computer system from CM5 lead ECG.
01 Table 2: Correlation Matrix of the Communication Scale Items Variable CM1 CM2 CM3 CM4 CM5 CM1 CM2 .
Featuring massively reduced loading times, CM5 is now much more user-friendly and lets you tweak your training regime or check out scouting reports while matches are in progress.
Sun's CTO, Greg Papadopoulos, was one of the chief designers (the other being Danny Hillis) of the CM5 massively parallel supercomputer from Thinking Machines.
SI's old partner Eidos kept the rights to the Championship Manager name when their deal came to an end, which is why this isn't called CM5.
For such high resolution, even the fastest computers, such as the 128-processor CM5 computer, which reaches a speed of 3 gigaflops (3 billion float point operations per second), cannot yet accommodate a long-term global simulation.
Contact: Paul McDermott, Essex Technology & Innovation Centre, The Gables, Fyfield Road, Ongar, CM5 0GA ; T: 0800-411-8668
Preliminary experiments with [beta]2GPI, linked to a carboxymethyl dextran (CMD) hydrogel matrix of CM5 chips from Biacore AB, revealed that binding of [beta]2GPI-reactive APLs on the SPR biosensor strongly depends on the surface density of [beta]2GPI (data not shown).
The CM15 Molded DYAD, the CM10 Molded Mini DYAD and the CM5 Molded Ultra Mini DYAD are all pick-and-place compatible, enhancing productivity efficiency.
C3b and C3d were immobilized to the flow cells of carboxylated dextran CM5 sensor chips (Biacore) by the standard amine coupling procedure according to manufacturer's protocol to achieve a coupling signal of ~5000 resonance units.
The CM or non-CM peptide was immobilized on a CM5 (dextran matrix) chip of the BIAcore apparatus.