CMAFCalifornia Medical Association Foundation (Sacramento, CA)
CMAFColumbus Medical Association Foundation
CMAFCanadian Martial Arts Federation
CMAFCombat Martial Arts Federation
CMAFCalcific Mitral Annulus Fibrosus (cardiology)
CMAFCommodity Market Adjust Factor
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CMAF is a diversified, growth-oriented portfolio of ten independent hedge funds, all of which have limited access.
CMAF is designed to be consistent with MSGI's goal of achieving compelling, risk-adjusted returns by employing a multi-manager approach utilizing a select group of investment managers.
2016 was a crucial year for the video ecosystem, as MPEG's CMAF initiative emerged to the public after a period of incubation by Apple, Microsoft, and a few partner companies.
12 and Akamai's CMAF output support in its Media Services On-Demand content preparation solution.
CMAF is very close to DASH as we know it today, with a few more restrictions on the ISO-BMFF container.
Iraj Sodagar, DASH Industry Forum president and MPEG's DASH subgroup chair (also representing Microsoft in both organizations), summarizes the encryption situation this way: "The current solution in CMAF DIS allows signaling the encryption mode in a presentation profile.
Apart from this encryption scheme, the interoperability concerns are focusing on the mapping between CMAF and DASH Object Models and on providing a clear transition path for DASH toward CMAF, in all client environments.
Finally, we need to extend CMAF to enable the advanced functionalities and experiences that are currently enabled by DASH.
It is also important to note here that, as it happened withATSC, some consortia might require DASH-IF assistance to help them defining the scope of their CMAF integration in their respective specifications.
The fly in the ointment is that CMAF enables two incompatible common encryption modes: cipher block chaining (CBC) for Apple's FairPlay digital rights management (DRM) technology, and counter mode (CTR) for PlayReady, Widevine, and other DRMs.
Or, more likely, until CMAF plays on all platforms, most producers will likely stick with HLS content encapsulated in an MPEG-2 transport stream wrapper, and DASH in fMP4.
com/hlsdash) has paved the way for Apple to also support CMAF (Common Media Application Format), which uses HEVC, in the future.