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CMAJCanadian Medical Association Journal
CMAJConstruction Management Association of Japan
CMAJCatalyst Manufacturers Association Japan
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As the editor of CMAJ, Dr Squires was a member of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, an organization that provides leadership in many aspects of journal publishing.
The CMAJ reported that participants attending a 2007 workshop to discuss options for surveillance and traceability in tissue transplantation in Canada were told it was a "given" that there were a number of assumed obstacles in creating a national surveillance system according to a report titled Enhancing Tissue Banking in Canada, Phase II: Surveillance and Traceability in Tissue Transplantation (http://dsppsd.
Last December CMAJ published, in both print and electronic versions, an article by two journalists that reported on the experiences of young women who shopped sample pharmacies across Canada for the morning-after pill.
This editorial, slated for the January 3 edition of CMAJ, was published in an abbreviated form after protests from the pharmacists' association.
The year the paper was published CMAJ ranked fifth in the world among general practice medical journals.
The CMAJ study also reports that excessive body mass during childhood and adolescence is associated with an increased risk of becoming overweight in adulthood, as well as with higher morbidity and mortality rates.
et al, "Improved survival among HIV-infected patients after initiation of triple-drug antiretroviral regimens," CMAJ, 1999: 160:659-65.
A video addressing the meta-analysis published in the CMAJ was posted to www.
The findings from the study are published online in the journal CMAJ.
ca/content/190/1/E3) study on the effectiveness of repeated vaccination on older adults was published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).
The study was published online March 23 in the CMAJ (2015 [doi:10.