CMAPChicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (Chicago, IL)
CMAPCompound Muscle Action Potential (aka Compound Motor Action Potential; neurophysiology)
CMAPCharacter Map
CMAPCancer Molecular Analysis Project (US NIH)
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CMAPClimate Modeling, Analysis & Prediction (NSF)
CMAPCoherent Multiarray Processing
CMAPCombat Military Appreciation Process (Australian Army)
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15) EARLY MILD (conduction block) Sensory-->40% decrease in SNAP amplitude; eg, 40 [micro]V SNAP Amplitude BE-W, 20 [micro]V SNAP amplitude AE-BE, 20 [micro]V SNAP Amplitude difference (50%) and/or Motor-->20% decrease in CMAP amplitude AE/BE; eg, 8 mV CMAP amplitude BE-W, 4 mV CMAP amplitude AE-BE, 4 mV CMAP amplitude difference (50%).
The partial correlation coefficient between the IENFD and proximal and distal CMAP of the tibial nerve was r = 0.
The CMAP amplitudes were reduced, and MNCV were slowed for median, ulnar, and posterior tibial nerves in patients with IDA but not statistically significant.
Nerve conduction studies revealed a moderate increase in median and ulnar motor DLs, slowing in median motor and sensory NCVs, decrease in median SAP amplitudes, and decrease in peroneal and tibial CMAP amplitudes (Table 2).
On EMG, the patient had low CMAP amplitudes and slowing of conduction velocity in motor and sensory nerves, while an electroencephalogram showed generalised slowing at 6-7 Hz.
We used the gene symbols of the human gene information data downloaded from the NCBI FTP site as standard human gene names to integrate the omics data, including NGS data, methylation profiles, drug response genome-wide microarray data in CMAP, drug-gene interaction DGIdb data, miRNA-target gene association data in TargetScan, PPIs in BioGRID, transcription regulations in HTRIdb, and ITFP and TRANSFAC data.
In reference to forelimb motor function that could be attributed to the remainder of the cervical spinal cord [6], only muscles of the left upper extremity (ipsilateral to the side of injury) disappeared in the CMAP immediately following the hemisection.
2 37 17 Left tibial AH -- -- -- Left peroneal EDB -- -- -- Left sural Foot lateral Absent Absent Absent Nerve MDL (ms) MV (m/s) CMAP (Mv) F (ms) Right median 3.
Nerve conduction study showed decreased CMAP amplitude in both upper and lower limbs with conduction block in left median, left ulnar and right peroneal nerve with significantly decreased conduction velocity (<70%) and markedly increase distal latency (>130%) with absent SNAP in upper limb with preserved sural SNAP with absent 'H' and 'F reflex in both upper and lower limbs consistent with a diagnosis of AIDP.