CMAPChicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (Chicago, IL)
CMAPCompound Muscle Action Potential (aka Compound Motor Action Potential; neurophysiology)
CMAPCharacter Map
CMAPCancer Molecular Analysis Project (US NIH)
CMAPCover My Ass Partner
CMAPClimate Modeling, Analysis & Prediction (NSF)
CMAPCoherent Multiarray Processing
CMAPCombat Military Appreciation Process (Australian Army)
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CMAP staff will be engaged in research, including interviews with transportation implementers, in
Serial electrophysiological studies in the patient showed that abnormal area reduction of CMAPs was the result of partial CB.
The Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority was founded at the same time as CMAP by state statute.
For more information on CMAP, NAVADMIN 77/05 is located at www.
Although muscle denervation and reduced CMAP amplitudes do not distinguish loss of anterior horn cells from loss of motor axons (15), these patients' clinical features can be explained only by anterior horn cell disease, since no known infectious processes limited to motor axons produce widespread, asymmetric paralysis without sensory involvement.
The CCAP Architecture Technical Report represents a consolidation of the core interface requirements previously referred to as CMAP and CESAR.
2 37 17 Left tibial AH -- -- -- Left peroneal EDB -- -- -- Left sural Foot lateral Absent Absent Absent Nerve MDL (ms) MV (m/s) CMAP (Mv) F (ms) Right median 3.
Ulnar CMAP amplitudes and conduction velocities across the wrist-elbow, across the elbow and elbow-axilla segments were normal whereas velocity was found to be decreased across the Erb point-axilla segment, indicating a conduction block through thoracic outlet.
110) Neurophysiologic testing reveals decreased amplitudes of CMAP (compound motor action potential) and SNAP (sensory nerve action potential) in the lower extremities.
CMAP is a comprehensive agency that looks at how the region should function with regard to a variety of issues such as housing, transportation, environment, economic development, human services, education, and tax structure.
The opportunity to evolve networks to full QAM capabilities can enable a seamless migration for future CMAP (Converged Multiservice Access Platform) deployments.