CMAPSCounter Man-Portable Air Defense System
CMAPSConfidential Medical and Personal Statement (Public Sector Superannuation Scheme; Australia)
CMAPSContract Maintenance Accounting and Production System
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In the second ENMG (repeated 12 days later), motor nerve conduction studies of the CMAPS of the right median, right ulnar, tibial, and peroneal nerves showed bilaterally severe decreases in amplitude (Table 1), and the ENMG needle in the right upper extremity on the right triceps, right biceps, and right deltoid muscles showed denervation potentials and the presence of only sporadic neurogenic motor unit potentials.
CMAPS is just one technology that brings more capability to the CRAF.
Another recommendation to enhance capability by flying CRAF aircraft into airfields threatened by MANPADS is to investigate options to employ CMAPS at selected airfields.