CMAQCongestion Mitigation & Air Quality (Improvement Program, ISTEA)
CMAQCommunity Multiscale Air Quality Model (US EPA)
CMAQCongestion Management and Air Quality Improvement Program
CMAQCockpit Management Attitudes Questionnaire
CMAQCenter for Media Alternatives Quebec (Canada)
CMAQCentres des Médias Alternatifs du Québec (French: Alternative Media Center of Quebec; Canada)
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The CMAQ funding provided through the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and the match provided by Norfolk Southern is a great investment in Illinois' air quality and will result in significant emission reductions for the Chicago region.
The purpose of the federal CMAQ program is to fund transportation projects Or programs that will contribute to attainment or maintenance of the NAAQS (the EPA's National Ambient Air Quality Standards) particularly for ozone in the Weld County region," explains the Weld County 2035 Transportation Plan.
The Eco units supported by grants from CMAQ will help ensure that yard switcher locomotives adhere to cleaner, healthier air quality standards.
2710, Transportation Energy Security and Climate Change Mitigation Act of 2007, would reduce emissions from all modes of transportation, ports, and federal buildings and stressed the value of the CMAQ and TE programs, turning back an amendment that would have allowed states more flexibility in spending the funds rather funding going directly to cities for transportation alternatives and programs promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Adjustment factors were then created as the ratio of observed to modeled concentrations, spatially interpolated across the gridded field, and multiplied by CMAQ output to produce the final bias-corrected concentration estimates (Hogrefe et al.
The CMAQ Program: Purpose and Practice (#142043A) targets prospective project sponsors and administering officials from Federal, State, and local agencies and provides an overview of the CMAQ Program as an important funding source.
Johnson tried to secure another NLC-supported amendment that would guarantee clean air funding to local areas under the CMAQ program, but she was unsuccessful.
To develop more refined air pollutant predictions, a hierarchical Bayesian space-time model was developed that fuses monitored data with the 12-km gridded output from CMAQ to predict average concentrations for individual CMAQ grid cells (McMillan et al.
Reducing Emissions From Existing Engines and Equipment Key to Continued Clean Air Progress; Federal DERA and CMAQ Funding Programs Remain Important To National Effort
The CMAQ program was established under the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) of 1991 as a funding source for transportation projects and programs that help support the goals of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.
NEW YORK -- China Mineral Acquisition Corporation (OTCBB: CMAQ, CMAQU, CMAQW) announced today that its Board of Directors has determined to abandon the proposed amendment of the Company's certificate of incorporation to allow extension of the date before which the Company must complete a business combination, to avoid being required to liquidate, from August 30, 2006 to March 31, 2007.