CMAQCongestion Mitigation & Air Quality (Improvement Program, ISTEA)
CMAQCommunity Multiscale Air Quality Model (US EPA)
CMAQCongestion Management and Air Quality Improvement Program
CMAQCockpit Management Attitudes Questionnaire
CMAQCentres des Médias Alternatifs du Québec (French: Alternative Media Center of Quebec; Canada)
CMAQCenter for Media Alternatives Quebec (Canada)
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In 2014, through a multiyear call for projects, NCTCOG awarded more than $38 million in funds from the CMAQ program for active transportation projects.
and Coauthors, 2012: The ash dispersion over Europe during the Eyjafjallajokull eruption--Comparison of CMAQ simulations to remote sensing and air-borne in-situ observations.
The evaluation was performed for both the WRF meteorological model and the CMAQ photochemical model using the classic approach.
The purpose of the federal CMAQ program is to fund transportation projects Or programs that will contribute to attainment or maintenance of the NAAQS (the EPA's National Ambient Air Quality Standards) particularly for ozone in the Weld County region," explains the Weld County 2035 Transportation Plan.
Utilizing CMAQ Process Analysis to Understand the Impacts of Climate Change on Ozone and Particulate Matter.
CMAQ funding is also a very flexible part of the federal-aid highway program, even though its use may be somewhat limited.
Learning criteria were primarily collected through the assessment of attitude change via the CMAQ.
The downscaler uses monitoring data and gridded CMAQ output (12 km x 12 km) to estimate daily air pollution concentrations at census tract centroids using linear regression modeling with additive and multiplicative bias coefficients that can vary spatially and temporally (Berrocal et al.
The CMAQ modeling system configuration is used by Appel et al.
4--Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emissions Modelling System, (Coats and Houyoux, 1996, Houyoux and Vukovich, 1999)--the emission pre-processor to CMAQ.
The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has adopted legislation supporting the CMAQ and TE programs and recommending clean transportation solutions.
The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization, for example, is investing $2 million in CMAQ funds in projects to install electrification units at truck stops throughout Knox County, TN.