CMATTCoalition Military Assistance Training Team
CMATTCISN Management & Analysis Training Tool
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JCOE in turn tasked a CMATT from Fort Bragg to assist the brigade.
Figure 2 lists the individual and special equipment training provided by the JCOE and CMATT.
The output of the initial IPR was a memorandum of understanding between the 130th Engineer Brigade, JCOE, and CMATT that laid out all areas of training and resourcing responsibility.
Finally, the white cell used this phase to run convoy live-fire for the battalion, after which the white cell transitioned to setting up the STX lanes with the assistance of the CMATT trainers.
The successful lane training was the result of combined brigade headquarters and CMATT trainer OC efforts.
The JCOE and the CMATT provided resources and training that the battalion otherwise would not have received before deploying and turned a middle-of-the-road training event into a first-class home station MRE.
One of our missions in CMATT, and with all of the ministries, was to integrate with the Iraqis so when it's time to turn over, you can take what you are doing and hand it over to them so they can continue to do the job.