CMBGConfiguration Management Benchmarking Group
CMBGCanadian Mechanised Brigade Group
CMBGCell and Molecular Biology and Genetics (education course)
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Though 2 CMBG, known as Task Force Tomahawk, entered the fray with its full complement of tanks, artillery, engineers, reconnaissance, three infantry regiments, a range of enablers from electronic warfare to logistics, medical, an all-source intelligence cell, and influence activities, as well as support from a combat aviation brigade with Apache attack helicopters, it faced a fierce opposing force with T-90 tanks, heavily armed BMP 3 infantry fighting vehicles, multiple rocket launch systems, an array of ISTAR assets, and significant cyber capabilities.
A powerful battle group based on 1 CMBG could theoretically be sent to the region now, or it could be used to replace American units in Bosnia.
While the commander of 1 CMBG in Calgary, he had the honour to review the main city Remembrance Day parade at the Jubilee Auditorium on 11 November 1994.
That 4 CMBG and its predecessor brigade groups in Germany were the "cradle of professionalism" for the Canadian Army is easy to understand.