CMCSSClarksville-Montgomery County School System (Clarksville, TN, USA)
CMCSSCellular Mobile Carrier Switching System
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As a high school and middle school instructional technologist in the CMCSS, Donna Baker has been working with both teachers and students as they use the new e-mail system, and gives both passing grades so far.
Tracey Hoover, an instructional technologist who divides her time among eight elementary schools in the CMCSS, spent much of her time in 2012 introducing the new e-mall system to students and bringing them to a level of parity.
Nell Michalenko, a systems administrator with CMCSS, says that so far the only "hiccup" in the e-mail changeover has affected Firefox users, who have to first log on to their Individual device, then log in to their Microsoft 365 accounts separately.