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CMDBConfiguration Management Data Base
CMDBCell, Molecular and Developmental Biology (academic program)
CMDBComposite Modified Double Base (Propellant)
CMDBControl and Monitor Display Builder
CMDBCall Management Database
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Blazent Data Quality Management for ServiceNow delivers a user-friendly, bi-directional integration that simplifies the process of achieving completeness and accuracy in CMDB data.
A CMDB helps IT prevent problems before they happen by identifying and managing the relationships and dependencies of all technology assets -- hardware, software, services and non-traditional devices -- because today, any technology component may become business critical at any time.
Whitwam (Mississippi University for Women) was elected as the CMDB Division Chairperson.
Integration with ServiceNow CMDB adds service-oriented Event Management automation for a complete, 360-degree view of Service Lifecycle
Our new Seamless VMware vCenter Server to BMC Atrium CMDB Connector uniquely captures and delivers real-time information to keep the CMDB virtualized and physical relationships and operational attributes current, thus making the inventory data accurate and enabling the service management processes.
The FireScope CMDB iPad app is a native application, providing an elegant and smooth user experience to quickly connect to an organization's FireScope CMDB and gain instant visibility into IT service configuration and change activities, without the need for a laptop or desktop.
com/research/c8b956/making_your_cmdb_s) has announced the addition of the "Making Your CMDB System Deployment Count: Who is Winning the Battle to Show Value and Why?
By automatically applying these updates, organizations can continue to rely on their CMDB as the single, accurate source of truth.
Without extensive federation, configuration management is complicated and enterprises are forced to restrict the scope of their CMDB projects and limit the realization of their potential value," said Brian Bell, senior vice president and general manager, CA Service Management.
No one should invest in a CMDB, or begin a CMS, just to have one.
The ServiceDesk Plus CMDB is highlighted by a direct visualization map that defines and displays the inter-relationships of each IT asset (aka configuration item, or CI), giving users a complete visual representation of the network.
As IT organizations evolve into service providers, the pressure increases to ensure service availability, and a CMDB is essential in providing a thorough understanding of the critical components of a service," said Brian Bell, general manager, Service and Portfolio Management, CA Technologies.