CMERCooperative Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (Washington)
CMERCenter for Management and Economic Research (various locations)
CMERCentre for the Management of Environmental Resources (est. 1992; France)
CMERCooperative Marine Education and Research Program (est. 1989; University of Massachusetts; US NOAA)
CMERCenter for Multiphase Environmental Research (Washington State University)
CMERCenter for Music Education Research (University of South Florida; Tampa, FL)
CMERColorado Medicaid Eligibility Response
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and Mahmood (2004) Effect of Allocative Inefficiency on Resource Allocation and Energy Substitution in Pakistan's Manufacturing CMER Working Paper.
By partnering with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web Portals (Portals), telecommunications services companies (Telcos), and computer hardware manufacturers (Box Makers), CMER intends to enable the consumer to access brand name software programs via the Internet in a very cost efficient manner.
The combined net pension liability (NPL) for the town plan and CMERS was $361 million (10% of personal income), with an asset to liabilities ratio of 41% as of June 30, 2016, using Fitch's conservative 6% investment rate of return.
the parties~ objective is to engage the services of an actuarial firm with public pension plan experience to: (i) to perform annual actuarial valuations of the connecticut municipal employees retirement system (cmers) and the policemen and firemen survivors~ benefit fund (p&fsbf), and for the performance of other actuarial reporting duties related to each as directed by the commission and (ii) perform for the comptroller, general actuarial services and routine consultations with regard to cmers and p&fsbf
the selected af will work with the cmers actuary to provide both the schedule of employer allocations and the required testing of the census data.