CMFICoalition of Mutual Fund Investors (lobbying group; Washington, DC)
CMFICentre for Material and Fibre Innovation (Deakin University; Australia)
CMFICountry Maid Financial, Inc. (Washington)
CMFICentral Multiport Fuel Injection
CMFIConsultant en Matériel Ferroviaire et Industriel (French: Railway and Industrial Equipment Consultant)
CMFICebu Mediation Foundation Inc. (Philippines)
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Il faut que les pays a excedent apprennent a depenser plus, et les pays a deficit a epargner plus", a lance le president du CMFI, l'Egyptien Youssef Boutros-Ghali.
Since a significant percentage of mutual fund shares are sold by third-party financial institutions -- called fund intermediaries -- the CMFI study evaluated the ability of a mutual fund to enforce its market timing policies uniformly under the accounting structure used by these institutions, called "omnibus accounts.
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the CMFI study concludes that the use of these omnibus accounts makes it impossible for mutual funds to enforce their anti-timing policies within these third-party accounts.