CMGCConstruction Manager General Contractor (various organizations)
CMGCCanadian Machine Gun Corps
CMGCCharlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center (Charlotte, NC)
CMGCCoeliac Mesenteric Ganglion Complex
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CMGC has effectively become the in-house construction arm of the merged enterprise, especially in regards to overseas metallurgical projects, and is critical to bolstering China's natural resource security.
In this case, there was no reason to reconcile the approved budget with escalating costs, because the city manager secretly gave the CMGC and the architect the green light to add on costs at will.
To reduce debt and improve profitability in 2013, CMGC disposed of its
The company applied for and obtained the Commission's pre-approval further to discussions with the State Unitary Enterprise of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (CUE) to repurchase its shares in CMGC.
Letter from Nixon to Goethe, September 11, 1951, unfiled materials, CMGC.
Enhanced Linkages with Minmetals: The 2015 merger of CMGC and Minmetals created an internationally competitive, vertically integrated natural resources company, which is tasked with acquiring large overseas mining projects and securing offshore mineral assets that China lacks domestically.
unrated) is credit positive for CMGC, but will not impact its B3 rating
So that CMGC term that you see - Construction Manager General Contractor - was adopted by the state of Oregon 15 years ago, maybe 20 now; using the CMGC approach where you advertise for a project, you put your credentials forward, your team, your experience, your fees, and then they select on interviews and your written documentation.
The CMGC can work with us both on engineering issues and supply chain issues, because getting things to Fairbanks could be a major problem," Lindamood explained.