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CMHCCanada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
CMHCCommunity Mental Health Center
CMHCClinical Mental Health Counseling (degree program)
CMHCCommunity Mental Health Council, Inc.
CMHCCommunity and Migrant Health Center
CMHCCordelia Martin Health Center
CMHCCommonwealth of Massachusetts Historical Commission
CMHCClark Material Handling Company (Lexington, KY)
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In practice, private insurers generally match the CMHC premium schedule.
The client typically assumes the CMHC is an extension of the referral system, has the same intentions or purpose as the referral system, and aligns with the system's view of the problem and/or the client.
Participants of the Best of the CMHC Regional Conference Series will be updated on current, new, and emerging therapies, treatment modalities, clinical guidelines, and practical strategies to reduce cardiometabolic risk and improve patient clinical outcomes.
In 2008 CMHC petitioned the court to force Amisk into receivership.
The vendor is completely integrated into the CMHC, and any potential downfalls that could arise from this close partnership should be identified early on.
The trustees of CMHC had a vision to form a "Conversion Foundation," a philanthropic organization devoted to the health and well-being of the residents of the region served by CMHC.
When two physicians at a CMHC hospital declined to accept the individual after the trial court approved the emergency detention, the individual was taken to another hospital where he remained strapped to a bed.
CMHC) so that CMHC will pay part of the regular payments.
During the 1970s and 1980s, as CMHCs helped with city planning and traffic lights, the state psychiatric hospitals were being emptied in an attempt to deinstitutionalize, or move the mentally ill into less restrictive settings in the community.
Many persons with severe mental illness, once discharged from the hospital, often never connect with the CMHC for available services (Boyd & Henderson, 1978; Schwartz, Spitzer, Muller, & Fleiss, 1980; Goering, Wasylenski, Farkas, Lancee, & Ballantyne, 1984; Benda, 1991; Moseley, 1994).