CMIDShanghai International Construction Material & Indoor Decoration (trade show)
CMIDCarey Mudford Interior Design (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CMIDCommon Marine Inspection Document
CMIDConstruction Management and Infrastructure Development (degree)
CMIDCommodity Manager Input Data
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2 (as appropriate) from CMID Dobrin and post-closure monitoring them.
Operation and maintenance of landfill cell 1 to cell b class 2 (as appropriate) from CMID Dobrin;
Operation and maintenance sorting station with associated facilities CMID Dobrin;
Operating and maintenance composting station / MBT with CMID Dobrin related facilities;
Total quantity or scope: Construction of landfill waste, environmental Serbs in the village, commune Farcasa, Maramures, in CMID, including supply, installation, commissioning and running for machinery and technological equipment in the project Integrated Waste Management System in the Region Maramures .
Total quantity or scope: LOT 1 - Curtea de Arges and CLOSING WAREHOUSE BUILDING INTEGRATED WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITY FOR COURT OF Arges (LANDFILL CLOSURE consists of Curtea de Arges and CMID COURT BUILDING CONSTRUCTION PLATFORMS Arges + A (in total 16 pieces) and B ( in total of 89 pieces) for the selective collection of waste in relation ZONE 1 ZONE 2 Curtea de Arges and DOMNESTI - Arges County