CMIRCenter for Molecular Imaging Research
CMIRCurrency and Monetary Instrument Report
CMIRCommon Mode Input Range
CMIRCell-Mediated Immune Response (immunology)
CMIRCertified Manager of Investment Recovery
CMIRCellular, Molecular and Integrative Reproduction (National Institutes of Health)
CMIRCommon Management Information Repository
CMIRCarter Maximum Incremental Reactivity
CMIRCustomer Material Info Record (SAP)
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The elements of a CMIR criminal offense under [section] 5316 are: (i) a legal duty to file a CMIR; (ii) knowledge of the reporting requirement; and (iii) willful failure to file the CMIR.
First, because arriving travelers must pass through Customs but departing travelers ordinarily do not, the CMIR data are biased toward measuring inflows of currency.
26) Overall, the shares of currency held abroad at year-end 1995 as derived from the flow-based estimates range from the low of 17 percent for the CMIR statistics to a high of 60 percent using the shipments proxy.
All our methods except the CMIR indicate that overseas currency flows are large and growing.
In fact, all of the methods except for that using the CMIR data from Customs suggest that a large amount of currency has gone abroad, and we are inclined to view those expansive estimates as being close to the truth.
Another part of our reason for preferring the two narrowest ranges is that they exclude the smallest observation in each year and thus give less weight to the CMIR data, which generally appear to underestimate net currency flows abroad and produce the smallest flow measure in nearly three-fourths of the periods.
Nevertheless, because the proxy represents the official US government estimate, we compare below the gross outflows and gross inflows of currency based on the proxy measure and the corresponding estimates of these flows based on aggregate CMIR data.
Figure 1 reveals that in the years prior to 1995, the CMIR estimates [CTI *] (adjusted for direct Federal Reserve receipts from abroad that are not required to be reported on CMIR forms) recorded a higher amount of US currency inflows to the US than the official proxy series.
The establishment of the cost efficient ECI system, however, appears to have introduced a downward reporting bias in the CMIR estimates of currency held abroad, requiring a change in CMIR reporting practices to include specifically shipments and receipts of currency dispersed and collected from the FED's ECI facilities overseas.
As such, the establishment of the ECI and the oversight of not accommodating the CMIR reporting requirement to the new institutional setting results in an understatement of outflow and inflow data in the CMIR reports for the year 1996 and beyond.
The elements of a criminal offense under [section] 5316 are (i) a legal duty to file a CMIR; (ii) knowledge of the reporting requirement; and (iii) willful failure to file the CMIR.
By analyzing the information provided in CTRs, CMIRs, and Form 8300, the Treasury Department can identify patterns of suspicious behavior.