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CMLAColorado Mortgage Lenders Association
CMLAContent Management License Administrator
CMLAChief Martial Law Administrator
CMLACentre de Mathématiques et de Leurs Applications (French: Center for Mathematics and Their Applications)
CMLACanadian Maritime Law Association
CMLACertified Medical Laboratory Assistant (certification)
CMLAColonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd. (Australia)
CMLACable Monitoring and Life Assessment
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It reflects the feelings of those who loved Pakistan and hated to be part of the unfavorable decisions made at the Headquarters of the CMLA in West Pakistan with the apparent connivance of Mr.
In the same way when Zia-ul-Haq assumed the power as the as CMLA, the military once again entered the corridors of power with much vigor and enthusiasm.
The CMLA will address critical digital content delivery concerns by creating a licensing and compliance entity that implements the specification.
The CMLA would provide a licensing and compliance framework to provide the necessary encryption keys and certificates to licensed device manufacturers and service providers to enable interoperability between new devices and services, according to the company.
Once again, my father was arrested for writing an insolent letter to the CMLA, in which he criticised the army operation in East Pakistan and equated it with "waging war" against Pakistan.
The CMLA will be effective upon the successful completion of the Full-Scale Acceptance Test of the 2 MW system, which is expected to reach completion in July.
Despite constituting a majority, the Awami League was not allowed by the leadership of the PPP and the CMLA Gen.
The CMLA is not representing its financial state accurately to the public, nor its construction schedule," he said.
Mohammed Ayub Khan seized power as CMLA and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the constitution was abrogated.
AMT, established in 1939, is a national, non-profit certification agency for: Medical Technologist, MT[R] Medical Laboratory Technician, MLT[R] Registered Medical Assistant, RMA Registered Dental Assistant, RDA Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant, CMLA Registered Phlebotomy Technician, RPT Certified Laboratory Consultant, CLC Certified Allied Health Instructor, CAHI Certified Medical Administrative Specialist, CMAS For information on qualifications necessary for each certification, contact: AMT, 10700 Higgins Rd.
On March 24, 1982 he staged a military coup toppling the BNP President Justice Abdus Sattar and proclaimed himself as the CMLA.
No long marches were planned and no protest meetings held in the western wing against the undemocratic stance of the leader of the second largest party in the newly elected National Assembly and the murder of democracy by the CMLA Gen Yahya Khan's short-sighted military action.