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CMLAColorado Mortgage Lenders Association
CMLAContent Management License Administrator
CMLAChief Martial Law Administrator
CMLACentre de Mathématiques et de Leurs Applications (French: Center for Mathematics and Their Applications)
CMLACanadian Maritime Law Association
CMLACertified Medical Laboratory Assistant (certification)
CMLAColonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd. (Australia)
CMLACable Monitoring and Life Assessment
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He has thoroughly shown his commitment to the CMLA over the past few years.
The CMLA also will facilitate open participation in the Open Mobile Alliance DRM environment by defining standard agreements among service providers, content providers and device manufacturers.
The CMLA urges the Administration to modify the PSPA as soon as possible - American homebuyers deserve no less.
AHI (AMT) = Allied Health Instructor CLC (AMT) = Certified Laboratory Consultant CMAS (AMT) = Certified Medical Administrative Specialist CMLA (AMT) = Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant MLT (AMT) = Medical Laboratory Technician MT (AMT) = Medical Technologist RDA (AMT) = Registered Dental Assistant RMA (AMT) = Registered Medical Assistant RPT (AMT) = Registered Phlebotomy Technician
A CMLA delegation, led by new Chair, Paulina McGrath, President of Republic State Mortgage Co.
BBC Enters into Agreements with CMLA, CoreMedia and Intertrust II-63
Glen Corso, a leader in the mortgage banking and mortgage insurance industries, takes the helm of CMLA as reform of the GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) moves forward.
In this approach, the CMLA believes mortgage markets would free up resources for more lending while not compromising the overall goals of the Dodd-Frank Act.
This is a new day for CMLA and I know that this generous donation will inspire additional private donations for this amazing museum that will be enjoyed by children and adults from across the region.
CMLA also announced the formation of a Legislative Task Force to help streamline the regulatory burden of local lenders in order to improve consumer access to credit while not undermining the intent of the Dodd-Frank Act.
In the CMLA region, the Company added six franchise locations, including three Dollar locations in Honduras, two Thrifty locations in Ecuador and one Thrifty location in Brazil.
Discretix has incorporated the CMLA model in its Multi-Scheme DRM Client, ensuring mobile device OEMs, platform vendors and service providers of full compliance with the OMA DRM V2.