CMLPColegio Militar Leoncio Prado (Spanish: Leoncio Prado Military Academy; Peru)
CMLPCertified Master Loan Processor (National Association of Mortgage Processors)
CMLPCitizen Media Law Project (Harvard University)
CMLPCross Modal Lexical Priming (linguistics)
CMLPClub Modélisme le Pin (French model car club)
CMLPCentroid-Based Multilayer Perceptron
CMLPCase Management Learning Program
CMLPCardiac Membrane Lipid Peroxidation
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A limited partnership, CMLP based in Houston, Texas, gathers, processes, treats, compresses, stores and transports natural gas; stores, transports, provides terminals and markets NGLs; and gathers, stores, provides terminals and markets crude oil.
3% for corn silage, rice straw, corn, soybean hull, soybean meal and CMLP, respectively.
CMLP also contained a large amount of ethanol extractable fraction (34.
The gas curves for corn silage, rice straw, corn, soybean hull, soybean meal, and CMLP, normalized to the amount of the fraction contained in 100 mg DM, are shown in Figure 1 to 6.
As expected, fermentation of CMLP produced only a small amount of gas.
2008) indicated that CMLP might supply a large amount of metabolizable protein to the ruminant animal by providing both non-protein nitrogen (ammonia) to rumen microbes and rumen undegraded protein, mainly due to its unique nitrogen composition (half soluble and half indigestible in the rumen).
The objective of this study was thus to investigate the digestion and utilization of CMLP in ruminants.
More complete chemical composition including nitrogen fractions and amino acid composition of CMLP was reported elsewhere (Seo et al.
There was a study showing that CMLP can be an alternative high protein ingredient for broiler chicks in the starter period (Piao et al.
Chemical analysis, protein fractionation, enzymatic degradation, and in vitro ruminal fermentation using strained ruminal fluid were used to investigate the value of CMLP as a protein source.
Nutrient composition : All chemical analyses for nutrients of CMLP were performed with two reference feeds; SBM and FM.