CMODCrack Mouth Opening Displacement
CMODCentre for Management and Organisation Development (Ireland)
CMODContent Manager on Demand (IBM)
CMODCompany Mate of the Deck (US Naval Academy)
CMODConfiguration Modification
CMODContinuous Media on Demand
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2% (*) stdev = standard deviation of samples, cv = coefficient of variation, CMOD = crack mouth opening displacement
Debido a que la caracterizacion del concreto a flexion fue mediante vigas sin entalla, se correlaciono la deflexion vertical con la abertura de la fisura o CMOD (crack mouth opening displacement), para todas las probetas prismaticas analizadas en este estudio mediante dos metodos, uno analitico basado en la deflexion y la geometria de la viga [15] y otro empirico basado en estudios experimentales de correlacion entre medicion de deflexion y de CMOD directamente [12]; se observo que los resultados obtenidos tienen una variacion insignificante, menor al 3%, por lo que se demuestra una congruencia muy apropiada entre ambos metodos.
CMOD indicates the communication pattern, and Next Hop contains the next node, if CMOD = UNICAST Source Source Destination Destination List of Next CMOD ID node ID node nodes Hop location location the REQ passed through
CMOD at a call site is constructed from PMOD of the called procedure, and at an assignment, from CondLMOD of that statement.
The FSAlias solution for R is shown in Figure 12; the PMOD and CMOD solutions computed are shown in the same figure.
With an increase of CMOD, the crack propagated as the applied load reduced.
1]) e relacao de consumo de proteina degradavel no rumen com o CMOD (CPDR/CMOD, %) com suas respectivas medias e coeficientes de variacao (CV).
Monarch RMS, Datawatch's web-based report mining and Business Intelligence (BI) solution, transforms static reports and other business documents stored in a customer's IBM DB2[R] CMOD system into real, actionable data--such as Excel spreadsheets--with the click of a mouse.
Like Datawatch, these partners understand that a complete EIM solution; one that provides the benefits of both BI and Enterprise Content Management--without the need to change their business processes--can dramatically improve the way IBM CMOD customers solve critical business issues.
The relationship between tensile stress, CMOD and deflection depending on the size of rubber particles are presented in Figures 4-9.
Our partnership with Datawatch allows our clients to utilize a previously untapped source of valuable business intelligence, their IBM CMOD repository," said Christopher Weisz, ECM practice leader, Lighthouse Computer Services.
As CMOD was increased beyond peak load, 152 events were located between the 100 - 90% load ratios (Fig.