CMOPConsolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy (US VA)
CMOPCoalbed Methane Outreach Program (US EPA)
CMOPCanadian Model of Occupational Performance
CMOPCenter for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction (Beaverton, OR)
CMOPConsolidated Mail Out Pharmacy (DVA)
CMOPCardiomyopathy (heart disease)
CMOPConfiguration Management Operating Plan
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The main idea of the penalty method is to reform the CMOP to an unconstrained one.
Dillon, who's spent a few years watching middle schoolers try programs, lose interest and move on, is impressed with what he's seen about CMOP.
However, some medications (such as controlled substances or locally compounded items) may not be available for delivery through CMOP.
With fighting words, Paje issued a statement, noting that CMOP was simply exerting pressure on him.
DOD could achieve savings if it used VA's CMOP to dispense its outpatient refill prescriptions by taking advantage of VA's generally lower drug prices.
As a result of our partnership with VA and our use of CMOP, we've seen advances in our patient care and satisfaction," said Randy Grinnell, Deputy Director for IHS.
The PEO model and CMOP are useful means of identifying environmental conditions influencing occupational performance.
A multi-month effort was undertaken to determine the best commercially available AUV applicable to CMOP, given operational and funding constraints," said Russ Light, department head and principal engineer of the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington.
A surprising result of the current study was the use of CMOP and MOHO conceptual frameworks which Griffin (1993) indicates are not compatible with the acute physical setting.
This distribution service is called Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy, or CMOP.
Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy or CMOP is the mail order pharmacy service for the Veterans Administration.
Growing small colonies of cells in the lab, the researchers showed that this subgroup only developed into monocytes, indicating that they were equivalent to the mouse cMoPs identified previously.