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CMOSComplementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (transistor type)
CMOSCanadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
CMOSChicago Manual of Style
CMOSCargo Movement Operations System
CMOSComplimentary Metal Oxide Silicon
CMOSComparison Mean Opinion Score
CMOSCellular Management Operation System (telecommunications)
CMOSConfiguration Memory Operating System
CMOSCapper Military Occupational Specialty
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Today's research data does not take CMOS sensors into account when it comes to the digital camcorder and hybrid camera market," Liu continued.
Just last month we announced that we are the first to sample monolithic devices containing combined lasers and CMOS photonic circuits in a commercially feasible transceiver configuration.
A new version of the IBIS5 CMOS image sensor with improved analog-to-digital converter (ADC) performance and a low-cost chip scale packaging option.
Dongbu Electronics provides world-class CMOS processing for system-on-chip solutions that integrate advanced logic, analog, and mixed-signal technologies.
In the first phase of the DARPA EPIC contract, Luxtera met the technical objectives set by DARPA by developing technology to multiplex four 10Gbps wavelengths onto a single fiber, on a production CMOS die - resulting in a single fiber all CMOS 40Gbps link.
In addition to digital CMOS process technology, Tower offers advanced non-volatile memory solutions, mixed-signal & RF-CMOS, and CMOS image-sensor technologies.
These advanced 130-nm CMOS RFIC architectures, coupled with the application of innovative digital CMOS design techniques, enable Sirific's transceivers to achieve the highest levels of integration and performance with a reduction in current consumption.
CMOS is made of two types of transistors: positively-charged field effect transistors (PFETs), and negatively charged FETs (NFETs).
As for image sensors, most of the manufacturers (except Japanese ones) adopt CMOS image sensors.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Front-end engineers at SEMATECH will combine planar CMOS approaches with new channel materials to develop effective transistors for the 22 nm half-pitch technology generation - but will continue to investigate FinFET devices as an alternative approach.
The new Flash process technology is, as the High-Voltage CMOS technology, a modular extension of austriamicrosystems' 0.
5-nm crossbar architecture combined with 45-nm CMOS would yield a hybrid FPGA about 4 percent the size of a 45-nm CMOS-only FPGA.