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CMRRCommon Mode Rejection Ratio
CMRRCenter for Magnetic Recording Research (University of California, San Diego)
CMRRCenter for Magnetic Resonance Research (various universities)
CMRRCoal Mine Roof Rating (mining classification)
CMRRCertified Mail, Return Receipt (USPS)
CMRRCatskill Mountain Railroad
CMRRCascaded Microring Resonator
CMRRChemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
CMRRCentre Mémoire de Ressource et de Recherche (French: Memory Resource and Research Center; est. 2005)
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These types of filters still provide high CMRR similarly as fully-differential structures and furthermore, are less complex because of the internal non-differential structure.
And finally, Teledyne LeCroy's DA1855A differential amplifier has 100-dB CMRR with lOx gain and precision offset adjust.
10] CMRR, Neurologie CHU de Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne, France
A three-page "Questions and Answers Regarding the CMRR Project" issued by NNSA before the Reliable Replacement Warhead was canceled maintains that the "primary mission of CMRR will be to support the current nuclear weapons stockpile through surveillance and life-extension programs necessary for the nuclear weapons complex" and "the size of CMRR remains the same.
Las caracteristicas obtenidas cumplieron con las especificaciones de diseno: ganancia de 40 dB, PSRR de 44 dB, CMRR de 87 dB, corriente de polarizacion de 60 [m]A, offset 100[[micron]]V y un area de 0.
As a result, we have to use an extremely high CMRR instrument amplifier in EMG measurement circuit to suppress this common mode signal as much as possible.
Nevertheless, considering the merits of a Gilbert-cell type mixer, including linearity and CMRR, and that the effect of the higher noise figure of the mixer on the entire system will be compressed by the gain of LNA, cost is not a very serious issue.
The LTC2320-16 features a flexible analog front end that accepts fully differential, unipolar, or bipolar analog input signals as well as arbitrary input signals, and it maintains an 82-dB SNR and a high CMRR of 102 dB when sampling input signals up to the Nyquist frequency.
Kuntman, "A novel high CMRR high input impedance differential voltage-mode KHN-biquad employing DODDCCs", AEU--International Journal of Electronics and Communications, vol.
ECG is measured using Lead I, II, III through ECG electrode from the patient and is fed as input to an instrumentation amplifier having high CMRR (Ali Hakan Isik and Osman Ozkaraca, 2011) to remove fluctuations in the ECG signal.
subprojects in the CMRR line item construction project beginning with