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CMRRCommon Mode Rejection Ratio
CMRRCenter for Magnetic Recording Research (University of California, San Diego)
CMRRCenter for Magnetic Resonance Research (various universities)
CMRRCoal Mine Roof Rating (mining classification)
CMRRCertified Mail, Return Receipt (USPS)
CMRRCatskill Mountain Railroad
CMRRCascaded Microring Resonator
CMRRChemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
CMRRCentre Mémoire de Ressource et de Recherche (French: Memory Resource and Research Center; est. 2005)
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10] CMRR, Neurologie CHU de Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne, France
A three-page "Questions and Answers Regarding the CMRR Project" issued by NNSA before the Reliable Replacement Warhead was canceled maintains that the "primary mission of CMRR will be to support the current nuclear weapons stockpile through surveillance and life-extension programs necessary for the nuclear weapons complex" and "the size of CMRR remains the same.
We were thrilled to sponsor the 10th biennial workshop at CMRR," stated Imad Nijim, Flywheel COO.
The HVD3206 has the same excellent 1% gain accuracy and a 2000 Vpk differential voltage range, 120 MHz of bandwidth, and the same industry-leading CMRR performance as the 1 kV safety-rated HVD3106 probe.
MHz , Typical CMRR - DC: >80 dB, 100 kHz: >60 dB, 3.
Single differential surface EMG (gain = 1k, CMRR = 106 dB, and bandwidth of 10-500 Hz) and elbow joint angle were synchronously sampled at 1 kHz by a 16 bits A/D converter ([+ or -]10V dynamic range).
Many differential probes have high CMRR at low frequencies but the CMRR quickly drops as the signal frequencies increase.
It will also enable French specialized memory centers (Centres Memoire de Ressources et de Recherche, CMRR, or Consultations Memoire, CM) to get acquainted with the test and assess its position within the current Alzheimer's disease diagnostic work-up.