CMTMClothes Make the Man
CMTMCornell Multitask Toolbox for MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory; Cornell University; New York)
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I look forward to leveraging my operations management, strategic planning, product and technology expertise to help CMTM develop to its full potential and become a leader in the healthcare industry,'' Mr.
The EPIC Pharmacy Network, representing more than 1,400 independent pharmacies, views CMTM as a valuable tool, enabling pharmacists to expand their roles to include patient care services, such as Medicare Part D medication therapy management (MTM).
The increasing number of pharmacies contracting with CMTM and the rapid adoption of our solution into their existing workflow demonstrates that community pharmacy is ready to expand its business model beyond dispensing to include new patient care services," said CMTM Chief Operating Officer Kurt Proctor, RPh, Ph.
Among the recent additions to the CMTM pharmacy network are Aurora Pharmacy, Inc.
The CMTM service identifies qualified patients and routes them for intervention to the patient's own pharmacy, along with targeted patient education materials to facilitate informed, high quality and evidence-based care.
The broad-based CMTM pharmacy network serves as centerpiece of our nationwide, multi-channel program delivery capability.