CMTPCenter for Medical Technology Policy (San Francisco, CA)
CMTPControl Message Transport Protocol
CMTPCenter for Multicultural Training in Psychology (Boston, MA)
CMTPCAPI Message Transport Protocol
CMTPCertified Mississippi Travel Professional (Mississippi Development Authority Division of Tourism)
CMTPChina Management Training Program (Asian Business and Management Program)
CMTPCable Modem Test Platform (Promptlink Communications)
CMTPCapital Markets Training Program (various locations)
CMTPCredit Management Training Program (Wells Fargo & Company)
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About the Green Park Collaborative GPC, a major initiative CMTP, is a multi-stakeholder forum that was established to guide the generation of clinical evidence needed to inform healthcare treatment and coverage decisions in the United States.
Congratulations to CMTP on its visionary investment of $800,000 in two fully-automatic optimiser docking machines and a customised, robotic assembly machine, which have increased productivity at the company s Braeside and Derrimut sites, Mr Hodgett said.
About CMTP CMTP is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that aims to make health care more effective and affordable by improving the quality, relevance, and efficiency of health care research.
A $495,000 CHCF grant in January 2006 got the CMTP up and running and is being used to identify the Center's first two studies of emerging technologies where there are systematic gaps in the evidence to support widespread clinical adoption.
Promptlink's CMTP is currently used across North America and South America, with over a million CPE tested since 2004.
The CMTP product tests both data and voice modems across a wide spectrum of parameters designed to separate devices that fail to meet Cable System standards from those that will perform well in customer homes.
Messner and Houtsmuller have demonstrated impressive leadership of several critical projects, and we look forward to their expanded role in guiding and managing CMTP.
Moving forward, CMTP will explore with meeting participants how best to sustain a collaborative forum with support from multiple sources.
Perfetto joins Mark Gibson of the Center for Evidence-Based Policy, Peter Mazonson of ClearCost Health, Lawrence Sadwin, and CMTP CEO Sean Tunis as CMTP's current board members.
Two Efforts in Oncology Led by Donna Messner, PhD, CMTP Research Director, the Oncology Consortium is developing Effectiveness Guidance Documents (EGDs) on two topics.
The rapid development of NGS-based tests for use in oncology has highlighted this technology's tremendous potential to improve clinical care and patient outcomes," said Sean Tunis, MD, MSc, President and CEO of CMTP.
The guidance that CMTP has produced and that these Consortia are working on can be invaluable tools," said Elaine Jeter, MD, Medical Director of Palmetto, GBA, a Medicare Administrative Contractor and the developer of the MolDx program.