CMTPContinuous Media Transport Protocol
CMTPControl Message Transfer Protocol
CMTPComplicated Mail Transfer Protocol
CMTPCredit Management Training Program (Wells Fargo & Company)
CMTPCenter for Medical Technology Policy (San Francisco, CA)
CMTPControl Message Transport Protocol
CMTPCapital Markets Training Program (various locations)
CMTPCable Modem Test Platform (Promptlink Communications)
CMTPChina Management Training Program (Asian Business and Management Program)
CMTPCenter for Multicultural Training in Psychology (Boston, MA)
CMTPCertified Mississippi Travel Professional (Mississippi Development Authority Division of Tourism)
CMTPCAPI Message Transport Protocol
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The IMT grant allows CMTP to cut waste timber by up to 25 per cent through an optimisation program, reducing the incidence of human error and increasing timber yields.
By automating the operation, CMTP is well-placed to compete with imported packaging makers.
It is very encouraging to see companies such as CMTP taking a proactive approach to growing their business by seeking to invest in the future, Ms Wreford said.
Promptlink's CMTP is currently used across North America and South America, with over a million CPE tested since 2004.
A $495,000 CHCF grant in January 2006 got the CMTP up and running and is being used to identify the Center's first two studies of emerging technologies where there are systematic gaps in the evidence to support widespread clinical adoption.
In July 2006, a $410,000 BSCF grant strengthened the capabilities of the CMTP.
There has been an increasing consensus on the need to expand the capacity to identify critical questions about new technologies from the perspective of the health care decision makers and the need to develop strategies to conduct these studies quickly and affordably," said Sean Tunis, MD, MSc, the founder and director of the CMTP.
Specific examples of technologies that may be studied by the CMTP include tele-ICU, intensity modulated radiation therapy, and minimally invasive bariatric surgery.
The CMTP product tests both data and voice modems across a wide spectrum of parameters designed to separate devices that fail to meet Cable System standards from those that will perform well in customer homes.
Under the agreement, Promptlink Communications makes available to Time-Warner Cable divisions the CMTP device-testing software suite, along with a turnkey hardware option that can deliver a pre-configured solution for immediate use.