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CMTSComments (US DoD)
CMTSCable Modem Termination System (Cisco)
CMTSCable Modem Termination System
CMTSCentralized Maintenance Test System
CMTSCellular Mobile Telephone Service
CMTSConsulting Member of Technical Staff (various organizations)
CMTSClinical Trial Management System (software)
CMTSComputerized Maintenance Test System (NASA)
CMTSCompliance Monitoring Tracking System
CMTSCheyenne Mountain Training System
CMTSChange Management Tracking System
CMTSControl and Monitor Test Set
CMTSCarrier Transmission Maintenance System (Alcatel)
CMTSCommissioner's Mail Tracking System
CMTSCentral Maintenance Test Set
CMTSChicago Metropolitan Trauma Society
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Heynen adds: "We're expecting CMTS and edge QAM revenue to grow more than 20% in 2013.
0 CMTS and cable modem chips also feature TurboQAM(R) technology that provides a 33 percent improvement over reverse path speeds and a 25 percent improvement over downstream speeds in support of the DOCSIS 3.
Modular CMTS is designed to economically increase DOCSIS capacity by separating MAC (media access control) routing and DOCSIS signaling, from the edge QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation), with each performed on purpose- designed platforms.
We are confident that our introduction of this new CMTS module will result in tremendous benefits to cable operators who require a proven, carrier-class solution to roll out advanced IP solutions.
For operator convenience, the CMTS is controlled, aligned, and moved using either a remote joy-stick or hand-operated hydraulic actuation valves.
Flexcom CMTS also offers interesting cost saving opportunities.
The C4 CMTS has been shipping in volume for over ten years, making it one of the industry's most successful CMTS platforms.
The ARRIS C4 CMTS based solution provides us with the first DOCSIS 3.
Heynen adds: "Three major trends will keep the Latin American CMTS market lively going forward: The cable companies are locked in major battles with incumbent telcos for subscribers, CMTS vendors brought down the price of their DOCSIS 3.
We are pleased to announce this next step in the continuing evolution and upgrade of the C4 CMTS platform," said Arris vice president of product management Todd Kessler.
SK Broadband has been an ARRIS C4 CMTS customer since 2005, and recently implemented the new IPv6 service by upgrading its existing chassis' to Software Release 8.
We are very pleased with the cost-efficient and operationally simple solution that the ARRIS C4 CMTS platform brings us in being able to ensure that none of our customers see any degradation or termination of service.