CMUACalifornia Municipal Utilities Association
CMUACentral Maryland Ultimate Association
CMUACertificate Management User Agent
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California's publicly owned electric utilities have a long history of environmental stewardship, investment in renewable technologies, and commitment to energy efficiency", said CMUA President and Anaheim Public Utilities General Manager Marcie Edwards.
Cost based rates must be applied to all sellers in the West; a position consistently supported by CMUA and our member utilities before FERC and Congress.
CMUA is a 66-year-old organization that brings together publicly owned utilities to represent their collective interests before the legislature and regulatory agencies.
CMUA is a trade association representing publicly owned water and energy utilities in California.
CMUA had urged FERC to reestablish cost-based wholesale rate regulation as the only feasible means of protecting consumers until such time as an adequate supply of electricity is available.
While CMUA will join others in California to press upon FERC the error of its ways, CMUA will also be working with the Governor, the Legislature and various interested parties in the state to reestablish state control over California's power supply.
SoCalGas' new proposal is to aggregate all IOU and municipal transmission facilities into a single regional rate and maintain utility-specific local transmission rates -- as CMUA has proposed -- but then charge consumers for the reliability function of the regional transmission network and charge generators for the transmission facilities they use to deliver load to the California market.
Jerry Jordan, Executive Director of CMUA (an organization representing 28 electric distribution utilities and three large joint powers agencies which deliver between 25% and 30% of all of the electricity in California) said, "The fact that all of the decisions on the proposal have been made by the state's investor owned utilities is more like a merger of three transmission systems than an independent new operation.
In its filing, CMUA criticizes the IOU proposal for devising rules which favor large transmission owners and old transmission systems.