CMUTCapacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (medical imaging)
CMUTChiang Mai University Thailand
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Kolo Medical's proprietary CMUT technology eliminates the drawbacks associated with the PZT technology, and our ultra-high performance SiliconWave probes are truly moving ultrasound imaging into the silicon age.
High-frequency, high-resolution transducers are potentially easier to fabricate with CMUT technology, which could make ultrasound available for a wider range of applications.
The development of CMUT technology was initiated many years ago by a team at Stanford University that included the Kolo Medical founders.
Using CMUT technology to transmit sound waves into the body, the imaging system sends an electrical signal to the drum that creates an electrostatic force on the membrane causing it to vibrate and emit ultrasound.
The size of catheter transducers is critical in diagnostic imaging and the CMUT technology should further enable the development of miniaturized catheter transducers, enabling clinicians to better visualize functionality within the heart, for example, where plaque or obstructions could be more easily detected," noted Hambuechen.
While advancements in medical technology are sometimes associated with increased costs, CMUT technology is expected to allow transducers to be manufactured at a lower cost, while also improving overall quality.