CMUTCapacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (medical imaging)
CMUTChiang Mai University Thailand
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The current amplifier is exploiting and integrated with the CMUT cells to minimize the parasitic capacitance and enhance the sensitivity of the overall ultrasonic system.
We inflict a waterproof package for CMUT chip and measured in the underwater environment.
4: The cross section view of the CMUT structure, (A) Before post Processing (B) After post processing
The development of CMUT technology was initiated many years ago by a team at Stanford University that included the Kolo Medical founders.
As the result of Kolo's years of independent research and development, the SiliconWave transducers of novel designs overcome many initial CMUT limitations, such as in sensitivity.
Combining the power of innovative designs and superb fabrication capabilities, the SiliconWave CMUT transducers are proven to reach unprecedented yield, uniformity, and performance standards.
Design of the microstructure of the interdigital CMUT is shown on the Fig.
When the electrical impulse is applied to any of two phases, the diaphragms of corresponding CMUT cells deflect towards the substrate due the Coulomb interaction and snap back when the impulse ends.
CMUT operating point can be found from the lumped element model subjected to electrostatic and spring force equilibrium, which can be stable and unstable.
The effective capacitance of the CMUT cell can be found from the relationship between the capacitance and stored energy
Using CMUT technology to transmit sound waves into the body, the imaging system sends an electrical signal to the drum that creates an electrostatic force on the membrane causing it to vibrate and emit ultrasound.
The size of catheter transducers is critical in diagnostic imaging and the CMUT technology should further enable the development of miniaturized catheter transducers, enabling clinicians to better visualize functionality within the heart, for example, where plaque or obstructions could be more easily detected," noted Hambuechen.