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CMYKCyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key/blacK (4-color ink model used for printing)
CMYKCookie Mob Yardie Krew (UK)
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The newly-added Mutoh Eco Ultra CMYK inks with overlay will provide a life expectancy similar to that already available in the Graphics industry.
XenInx Diamond is a general purpose CMYK UV cure ink set, with high vibrancy and extended color gamut combined with reliable jetting in a range of industrial piezo print-heads.
C = (C-K)/(1-K) M = (M-K)/(1-K) Y = (Y-K)/(1-K) K = min (C,M,Y) CMYK and CMY values from 0 to 1.
As the target is measured, a look-up table is formed relating the CMYK dot percentages used to create each swatch to the color (LAB) that is printed.
This CMYK ink set is a UV-curable ink that requires a dose of less than 20 mJ/[cm.
The book features a comparison of four color process with CMYK and six color process with CMYKOV to help print buyers decide which method is right for them.
Introduced at the MacWorld Conference and Expo, the Color Vision RGB Suite(TM) and the Color Vision CMYK Suite(TM) blend the technologies and expertise of Color Vision and Horses LLC -- a company recently acquired by Color Vision.
PANTONE GoeBridge lets creatives accurately visualize and evaluate how the more than 2,000 solid colors in the PANTONE Goe System will reproduce in CMYK on coated paper.
Potential users of the licensed process pay only for the silver MetalFX base ink, upon which the usual CMYK colors are printed as a seal to create numerous metallic effects on UV flexo, gravure or offset print platforms.
The company has developed a new way of printing hundreds of metallic colors by adding only one spot silver base to the usual CMYK printing mix.
Interchangeable pigment ink sets allow the user to choose between CMYK Orange and Green inks to simulate over 97% of PANTONE(R) Colors or CMYK Light Cyan and Light Magenta inks for photographic detail and smoother gradations in pastels, shadows and skin tones.