CN22nd Cranial Nerve (optical)
CN2Carnosinase 2
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Les films finances par les Sofica Palatine Etoile (Sofica Palatine 10 & 11) et CN2 Productions (ISF Cinema) crees par la Banque Palatine (banque des entreprises de taille intermediaire et de la clientele privee), en association avec des professionnels du cinema, ont obtenu un total de 17 nominations pour la 40 [sup.
The CN2 induction algorithm, Machine Learning, Vol.
Both enrichments passed the QC standard (>100-fold enrichment), although CN1 was less enriched (an approximately 42% reduction) than CN2.
The average of CN2 classifier performance measure of classifier accuracy before and after dimensionality reduction is 0.
The native pasture woodland, with an average of 40% cover, had a CN2 that was 25 units lower than the line in Fig.
Connectivity to CN2 allows us to seamlessly extend the high quality of features and services we already offer over the Verizon Business global IP network directly into the Chinese market.
5, 1D3, Classification and Regression Tree (CART), Multinomial Logistic Regression (MLR), Bayesian Networks (BN), and CN2 rule-based algorithm are investigated.
Alcatel has also been selected for China Telecom's ChinaNet2 (CN2) nationwide IP/MPLS network, including the optical backbone providing connectivity for the CN2 network.
For instance, the above rules can be acquired by running the CN2 rule learning algorithm on examples labelled by qualitative partial derivatives.
Access to CN2 extends the benefits of Verizon Business' expansive IP backbone network and portfolio of global IP and mobile devices, services and solutions across the fast-growing Chinese market.
Keywords: PoS tagging, recta-tagger, Slavic languages, FidaPLUS, JOS corpus, machine learning, Orange, decision trees, CN2 rules, Naive Bayes
The domestic GUND sales personnel are using Intermec CN2 handheld computers equipped with Apacheta SellACE[TM] software to enter orders, access product, promotion and pricing information and view customer history while on-site with clients.