CN44th Cranial Nerve (trochlear)
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Intermec (NYSE:IN) today announced that the CN50 and CN4 are the first rugged mobile computers meeting Mil Spec standards testing requirements to be certified to operate on the new AT&T* GSM/HSPA network, the nation's fastest 3G network.
As the global leader in HSPA penetration, AT&T's nation's fastest 3G network can help CN50 and CN4 customers improve ROI with faster billing cycles.
The Intermec CN4 and CN4E are the latest generation mobile computers for DSD and field service and are the most rugged 3G devices in their class.
The CN50 and CN4 are both available with an optional Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging (eMDI) capability, providing mobile workers with a fast, reliable way to convert full page paper documents into electronic documents at the point-of-transaction.
Intermec Continues Momentum Following the Launch of the Game-Changing CN50 and CN4 Mobile Computers
When PB printers are used with Intermec mobile computers like the recently announced CN50 and CN4 and with Intermec Browser software, transaction time can be reduced by up to an additional 30 percent.
Intermec (NYSE:IN) today introduced the CN50 and CN4 - the most advanced, rugged 3G Wireless WAN (WWAN) mobile computers for field mobility applications.
Building on the successful CN3, the CN50 and CN4 round out Intermec's arsenal of field mobility solutions," says David Krebs, VDC Research Mobile & Wireless Practice Director.
The CN50 and CN4 were designed, tested and optimized for maximum performance and easy integration with compatible Intermec peripherals.
Intermec SmartSystems(TM) on the CN4 also enables customers to proactively manage battery replacement requirements.