CNALChina National Accreditation Board for Laboratories
CNALCornell Nutrient Analysis Laboratory (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
CNALCommander, Naval Air Forces - Atlantic
CNALCommercial Nominees of Australia Ltd
CNALCenturyTel of Alabama LLC (Pell City, AL)
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The CNAP and CNAL staffs review daily readiness reports; expedite high priority parts and materiel; review and fund port visit costs; authorize special orders for subsistence and retail items; and engage other organizations to synchronize efforts in support of unit operations.
The CNAL safety officer then shares his thoughts on the topic.
Epps noted, "The support from the entire supply community--particularly the CNAL N41 staff and Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Jacksonville--was the primary reason we arrived in Haiti ready to support the mission from day one.
CNAL had an outstanding safety record, an aggressive safety program, an improving three-year safety trend and flew over 234,000 flight hours with no Class A flight or flight-related mishaps.
Formed as a group effort between CNAF, CNAL, NAVAIR, CNAFR, CNATRA, OPNAV N78, and HQMC aviation, the work has continued and has shown tremendous success in depots and intermediate-level commands.