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Remote Interface Reflector Schema Remote Interface Reflector comp-name: CNAME interface-name: IFNAME getlnterface: CNAME [left and right arrow] IFNAME Table 3.
CNAME - Short for canonical name, also referred to as a CNAME record, a record in a DNS database that indicates the true, or canonical, host name of a computer that its aliases are associated with.
Part of the release includes a much-requested feature that will allow users to monitor CNAME records.
Not only does Dot TK allow registrants to use their own name servers, but we also allow them to manage A, MX and CNAME records of their registered domains through My Dot TK, the Dot TK web interface".
The control panel allows self-management of all CDN functionality including instant zone creation, cache-setting adjustments, instant purge, CNAME manager and the ability to instantly set up an SSL service.