CNAQCollege of the North Atlantic at Qatar
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It's an amazing endeavour on the part of CNAQ students to host an event such as Global Village 2014 which is growing bigger every year.
Rota Volunteer Programme manager George Tavola welcomed CNAQ president Dr Ken MacLeod, volunteers and faculty members from CNAQ.
Dave Mugford, IT operations manager at CNAQ, said: "One of the fundamental advantages to the CNAQ donation is its environmental impact.
We have 37 different nationalities at CNAQ which is not the case in other branches, and this makes our branch unique in Qatar.
Vaughan said the partnership would add great significance to the experiences of learners and the value of the programme and training offered by the CNAQ.
Under the agreement, GORD and CNAQ will collaborate on sustainability and environmental research programmes and also cooperate in educational and other training opportunities for students, faculty members and staff.
Before the CNAQ was inaugurated 10 years ago, Her Highness Sheikha Moza commissioned a small group of people in Qatar.
The run will take place over an internal course at CNAQ measuring around 3.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Dr Theodore Chiasson, dean of Information Technology at the CNAQ said, "A team, consisting of two students and a teacher from each school, took part in the competition.
Talking to Qatar Tribune, Dr Theodore Chaisson, dean of School of Information Technology at CNAQ, said the number of schools at the event exceeded expectation, considering the little time the participants had to put their projects together.
CNAQ President Dr Ken MacLeod made the announcement in the presence of Director of Office of the Executive Management Committee Affairs of Qatar University Dr Khalid Naji, Dean of Information Technology School at CNAQ Dr Theodore Chiasson and Manager of Corporate Training & Continuing Education Bonnie Simmons.
Pregnant & Pretty', also the recipient of special award from the CNAQ, is a dedicated centre for pregnant women and young mothers and will provide prenatal and natal health services.