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CNBRChemical, Nuclear, Biological, and Radiation (weapons)
CNBRCyclic Nucleotide-Binding Region (physiology)
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Established in 2007, CNBR houses about 25 people, including administrative staff, faculty, students and post-doctoral students.
noting there was vast uncertainty, and charged the President's Working Group on Financial Markets with analyzing the potential for longterm insurance for terrorism risk and CNBR losses.
The Working Group's Findings demonstrate the need for continued federal involvement as a reinsurer relating to terrorism-related CNBR coverage.
To ensure that all perils are covered and affordably priced, MBA is strongly pursuing a private/public partnership to provide a long-term solution for terrorism insurance that will cover all risks, including CNBR losses, said Quinn.
SDS-PAGE indicated that almost no intact albumin remained after extensive digestion with trypsin (lane 2) or CNBr (lane 3), which should cleave albumin at 6 methionine residues, yielding 3 major fragments from residues 1-123 (A), 124-298 (B), and 299-585 (C) (25).
Aon's Davis noted there's the additional question of insured versus uninsured losses for CNBR attacks; the market has to be able to price against natural catastrophe losses as well as terrorism losses.
Isolated B[beta] chains (approximately 200 [micro]g) were redissolved in a 25-[micro]L volume of 700 mL/L formic acid that contained 200 [micro]g CNBr.
The actuaries were not able to identify any insurance, reinsurance or capital market solution that could finance such potential insured losses from a large CNBR event.
Groupe) with a capacity of 10 g IgG/L [mouse monoclonal antibody (IgG1,k) coupled to CNBr Sepharose] was used (5).
The largest CNBR event we modeled caused $696 billion in property and casualty losses and $82 billion in group life insurance losses," said McCarter, whose subgroup used catastrophe risk models by AIR Worldwide to generate insurance cost figures.
Sepharose CL-4B (Pharmacia) was activated on ice with CNBr at alkaline pH (pH 10.
Antigen was digested with a CNBr mixture consisting of 239 [micro]L of 880 mL/L formic acid (Aldrich), 46 [micro]L of 0.