CNBSComisión Nacional de Bancos Y Seguros (Honduras)
CNBSConsulting Network Business Solutions, LLC (Cincinnati, OH)
CNBSCorporate Network Brokerage Services (Overland Park, KS)
CNBSBerenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation (Boston, MA)
CNBSCognitive, Neural, and Behavioral Science
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Central, in late 2012 CNBS became majority owned by Dallas-based Aberdeen Capital, where former Texans Credit Union CEO David Addison was a partner and a founder.
Even fewer expectant parents know about the option and importance of CNBS, for the same reasons.
CNBS had acquired the name from Atlanta-based HomeBanc Corp, which closed its mortgage-loan business in August 2007.
Although there are 752 counties with meteorological stations and 533 counties in which CNBS collected HIES data, there are only 124 counties in which there are both meteorological stations and CNBS samples.
No documento ao CNBS, o Ibama evoca a possibilidade de que a deliberacao tomada pela CTNBio traga graves impactos para a saude publica e, em especial, para o meio ambiente e enumera as razoes para isso: Inexistencia de estudo previo de impacto ambiental realizado nas condicoes edafoclimaticas do pais; ausencia de avaliacao de risco, caso a caso, que fundamente a decisao da Comissao; ausencia de Instrucao Normativa especifica com diretrizespara analisar a avaliacao de risco; ausencia de plano e procedimentos de coexistencia do cultivo de milho geneticamente modificado sem contaminacao de outros tipos de milho e irregularidades processuais31.
The UIF is closely supervised by the CNBS and does not have operational and budgetary independence.
CU Exchange guest blogger Andrew McGeorge, senior portfolio strategist with CNBS, offers advice on how smaller credit unions might buy securities.
He also is a senior portfolio strategist of investment services at CNBS, a CUSO.
225 da Constituicao Federal, estabelece normas de seguranca e mecanismos de fiscalizacao de atividades que envolvam organismos geneticamente modificados - OGM e seus derivados, cria o Conselho Nacional de Biosseguranca - CNBS, reestrutura a Comissao Tecnica Nacional de Biosseguranca CTNBio, dispoe sobre a Politica Nacional de Biosseguranca - PNB, revoga a Lei no 8.
Andrew McGeorge, senior portfolio strategist for Kansas City-based CNBS, once owned by U.
When asked his opinion, Brian Hague, president and CEO of CNBS, stressed that he's no legal expert.
CNBS President/CEO Brian Hague agreed that national ratings agencies need to eliminate conflicts of interest like issuing ratings to paying customers.