CNCAConsejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes
CNCAConseil National de la Communication Audiovisuelle (French: National Council of Audiovisual Communication; Côte d'Ivoire)
CNCACentre for Neural Computing Applications
CNCAChina National Committee on Ageing
CNCAChina National Coal Association
CNCACamino Nuevo Charter Academy (Los Angeles, CA)
CNCACouncil for National Cooperation in Aquatics
CNCACanadian Nurse Continence Advisor
CNCACertification Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China
CNCACalifornia Narcotic Canine Association
CNCACentral Nebraska Council on Alcoholism
CNCACalifornia Northern Coastal Area
CNCACanadian Narcotics Control Act
CNCAConselho Nacional de Carregadores de Angola (Angolan government agency regulating shipping)
CNCACalifornia-Nevada Code Administration
CNCAConfidentiality and Non-Competition Agreement
CNCACancer Nutrition Centers of America (Hoffman Estates, IL)
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On 30 April 2014, CNCA published the list of the first batch of 41 registered overseas producers of imported infant milk formula products, and PBM nutritionals, the producer of McJayden, is on the list.
Currently, under the CCA, directors' and members' meetings cannot be conducted by way of a unanimous written resolution; however such meetings are permitted in certain circumstances under the CNCA.
IBA"), that CNCA is subject to comprehensive consolidated supervision by its home country supervisor.
In the end, the CNCA submitted an east-west split plan to the CPUC in August.
We are happy that the creators and agents of videogames in Chile can enhance and showcase their work at international platforms and the CNCA is part of that process," she said.
In order for CACCN current constitution and bylaws to be in compliance with the new act, we must obtain authorization from the CACCN membership to continue under the CNCA and amend our current definition of membership classes.
Le CNCA constate, apres analyse de donnees des experts policiers, que de grandes poches demographiques de ce segment du terrorisme international sont en train de se concentrer dans des zones concretes en Espagne.
Like its predecessor statute, the Canada Corporation Act (CCA), and equivalent legislation at the provincial level, the CNCA focuses on pecuniary conflicts of interest.
The price of calls would remain the same, CNCA officials said.
The CNCA drew controversy when it was being developed because, although it replaces a statute that is nearly a hundred years old and modernizes the framework under which federal not-for-profit corporations will be constituted and operate, it features an approach under which voluntary sector organizations are regulated in a manner akin to the way for-profit entities are under the Canada Corporations Act (CCA).
The new area code, which has not been established, would be selected by a national agency called Bellcore, said Chris Kniestedt, a spokesman for the CNCA.