CNCANComisia Nationala de Control a Activitatilor Nucleare (Romanian National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control)
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Licensing in process, documentation ready to obtain a comfort letter from CNCAN.
Total quantity or scope: I -Achizitia lot of medical equipment, including transport, handling, fitting space for computer tomography, to prepare documentation and obtain advice in accordance with the rules in force for the operation CNCAN CT, location positions, installation, commissioning, testing, personal training, service during the warranty period within the project "Modernization and Equipment Ambulatory Cugir City Hospital," according to the specifications.
Total quantity or scope: Services expertise and technical assistance for drafting / reviewing documentation for installation reauthorization PESTD according ISCIR and CNCAN norms.
MS; Service Authorization from the manufacturer for new team for 10 years; - Authorization for carrying out activities in the nuclear field CNCAN for handling radiological installations; - At least one recommendation from customers for the object of purchase - Graduation Diploma courses - professional competence - Certificate of Quality Assurance standards to tender issued by competent bodies VI.