CNCPSCornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (Cornell University)
CNCPSCross-National Collaborative Panic Study
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The CNCPS divides the carbohydrates of feeds for ruminants into four fractions, i.
The result was in accordance with the fermentative characteristics of fraction CC in the CNCPS (Sniffen et al.
2] and total gas production and the CNCPS carbohydrate fractions.
The estimated consumption and performance calculated using the mathematical models developed for the different conditions, such as the CNCPS, still need to be adapted to tropical systems, such as those in Brazil.
Validajao dos sistemas VICOSA, CNCPS e NRC para formulajao de dietas para bovinos Nelore e Caracu, nao-castrados, selecionados em condijoes brasileiras.
Feed intake and prediction assessments using the NRC, CNCPS and BRCORTE systems in Nellore and Red Norte steers finished in feedlot.
Others have also reported acceptable predictions by the CNCPS model under confinement conditions in China (Du et al.
All of the information was actually collected on-site and entered into the CNCPS v5.
Feed samples were analyzed mainly following the CNCPS recommended procedures as described by Zhao et al.
The Kd estimates were different from those in the CNCPS feed library (Fox et al.
Both AFFRCS (1999) and NRC (2001) models estimate DMI using only animal factors such as body weight, milk yield and days in milk, whilst CNCPS (Fox et al.
However, despite a larger mean bias, the residual error was relatively small in the model prediction of the CNCPS (Fox et al.