CNCRCenter for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (Netherlands)
CNCRConsortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
CNCRCenter for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Rutgers University; New Jersey)
CNCRCharacterization of Neurospora Circadian Rhythms in Space
CNCRConstruction Non-Conformance Report
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Registro nuevo: Bahia de Chamela, Jalisco, Mexico (19[grados] 35' 19" N, 105[grados]07'33" W), CNCR 21405, 1 hembra ovigera.
Registro nuevo: Laguna Superior, Oaxaca, Mexico (16[grados]17'50" N, 95[grados]05'05" W), CNCR 19835, tres machos, tres hembras ovigeras.
The common shares are quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol CNCR.
Clinicians and regulators must jointly seek a balanced approach to opioid use, acknowledging the legitimate medical needs for opioids in some patients with CNCR while concurrently recognizing the serious public health problem" of abuse, addiction, and diversion, the statement says.