CNDDConseil National pour la Démocratie et le Développement (National Council for Democracy and Development; political party, Guinea)
CNDDConseil National pour la Defense de la Democratie (French: National Council for the Defense of Democracy; Burundi political party)
CNDDConseil National Du Développement Durable (French: National Council on Sustainable Development)
CNDDCommission Nationale du Developpement Durable (French: National Commission of Sustainable Development; Tunisia)
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However, the FDD and FNL armed factions of the CNDD and Palipehutu G-7 parties refused to accept the Arusha Accords, and the armed rebellion continued.
restrictions against CNDD members and others remain in place.
assistance and travel restrictions on CNDD members; the
International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation of alleged CNDD human
were protesting the CNDD and Dadis Camara's perceived presidential
additional targeted sanctions on CNDD members and associates.
Konate, the prime minister, and members of the GNU, the CNDD, the
Some fear that rivalries within the CNDD, tension between Dadis
repeated previous pledges that neither he nor any other CNDD member
instituting targeted sanctions on CNDD members and associates.
Although outside of the country, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara remains the president of the CNDD and the self-proclaimed head of state while General Konate has assumed the title of interim President of the Republic.
Although key bilateral and multilateral partners condemned the coup, the Guinean population initially welcomed Captain Camara and the CNDD.