CNDPCentre National de Documentation Pédagogique (French: National Centre for Educational Documentation)
CNDPCongrès National pour la Défense du Peuple (French: National Congress for the Defence of the People; Democratic Republic of the Congo)
CNDPCoalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (est. 2000; India)
CNDPCampaign for New Drug Policies (Santa Monica, CA)
CNDPComputer Network Defense Policy
CNDPCommission Nationale du Débat Public (French: National Commission for Public Debate)
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CNDP concluded that only 1 % of websites in Morocco bother to request for the consent of their users before collecting and processing their personal data, adding that 80% of the websites do not mention it while 19 % carry out random requests.
Et pour veiller a la mise en application de cette loi, la CNDP est chargee de verifier que les traitements des donnees personnelles sont licites, legaux et qu'ils ne portent pas atteinte a la vie privee, aux libertes et droits fondamentaux de l'Homme.
The CNDP soldiers under General Bosco (alias "The Terminator") Ntaganda have repeatedly threatened to pull out of the FARDC if they are deployed outside of North Kivu province for several reasons.
Infighting within the CNDP leadership led to a schism in which Nkunda's military chief of staff staged a de facto internal coup and then signed an agreement with the D.
Francois Grignon, Africa Director of the International Crisis Group, is sceptical of CNDP claims.
There is currently a cease fire between CNDP and the Congolese Army who have joined up with Rwandan forces to fight FDLR rebels; however, the rangers still have conflict and violence to contend with.
The current conflict originated in April 2012 when the 23 March rebel movement (M23) formed in response to what they perceived as failure on the part of the Congolese government to effectively implement the March 2009 peace agreement signed by the government and the CNDP (National Council for the Defence of the People).
A Rwanda-backed Tutsi rebel force known as the CNDP (9) routed the Congolese army on several fronts as it expanded its fiefdom in North Kivu.
The two nations' forces also cooperated in reintegrating renegade general Laurent Nkunda's CNDP rebel force into the Congolese armed forces (FARDC); Nkunda was detained by Rwandan authorities.
According to the UN announcement, the mass rapes and human rights violations are said to have been committed by about 200 Congolese Mai-Mai rebels, fighters from the Rwanda-led Democratic Front for the Liberation of Rwanda or FDLR, and elements loyal to former Congolese army Colonel Emmanuel Nsengiyumva who was also a rebel in the former Tutsi-led People's National Congress or CNDP.
Recall also that the very tactics being used currently by the Democratic Republic of Congo rebels, the CNDP, of shooting on sight, any able bodied young men the rebels come across, were also used by the NRA on the population of Northern and Eastern Uganda.
Et professionnel quand il est produit par des professionnels de l'audiovisuel et du multimedia et par des organismes comme le CNDP, TV5 educatif dans le cade d'une commande.