CNEWACatholic Near East Welfare Association
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CNEWA organized a pastoral visit to Iraq in April for its board chair, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and board member Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre.
CNEWA estimates that approximately 7,200 Iraqi families have left for Jordan and Lebanon and elsewhere.
Sponsored by CNEWA and run by the Dominican Sisters of St.
With the same order of Dominicans working at the clinic in Zerqa, CNEWA has set up 20 emergency centers in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad, Mosul, and Basra to distribute food, clothing, and medical supplies.
Both CNEWA and CRS are worthy recipients of whatever we can give.
We are one CNEWA even though we have offices in eight different countries.
With respect to the governance of CNEWA, can you clarify how it works?
I see one of my roles as being present at bishops' meetings, presenting the needs of CNEWA to bishops.
The presence of our CNEWA family in its most extended sense is so good at this active ebb and flow of information, evaluation of programs and making recommendations so that when things come up to the international level for consideration for distribution, diminution or termination or a new need, we are able to do so.
With respect to the persecution of Christians, are CNEWA personnel at risk or do they try to step in after the fact to assist the victims?